DSSSB PGT GEOGRAPHY MCQ questions with answer

DSSSB PGT Geography previous years questions with answers are discuss here. Only some of the selected questions from previous years which helps you to prepare for DSSSB, KVS or Geography related any others competitive examination are described here. Geography MCQ question and answer.

1)  If the variable of rainfall is to be measured, which of the following techniques will be used?
A) mean deviation 
B) Standard deviation
C) Coefficient of variation
D) Interquartile range

Answer - Coefficient of variation

2) which one of the following statements about the Polar jet stream is not true?
A) It moves northwards during summer
B) It supplies energy to the circulation of surface storms
C) Its location roughly coincides with that of the polar front
D) Its velocity is greater during summer

Answer - Its velocity is greater during summer

3) One of the proponents of the turbidity currents theory of origin of submarine canyons was
A) Daly
B) Dana
C) Salis
D) Gregory

Answer - Daly

4) The vertical air flow is an anticyclone results in 
A) diversion aloft
B) conversion aloft
C) diversion both aloft and at the surface
D) convergence at the surface and divergence aloft

Answer - conversion aloft

5) In the hydrological cycle evaporation is preceded  by 
A) Clouds
B) Precipitation
C) Heat
D) Condensation

Answer - Heat 

6) Which of the following occupies tropics level 1 in food chain ?
A) Bacteria
B) Carnivores
C) Primary consumers
D) Plants

Answer - Plants 

7) Who among the following geographers emphasized the predominant role of climate in human life ?
A) Geddes
B) Jefferson
C) Huntington
D) Brunhes

Answer - Huntington

8) Which one of the following indicates Random distribution of settlements ?
A) 0.49
B) 1.00
C) 1.59
D) 2.15

Answer - 1.00 

9) Who among the following developed the sequential expansion transport network model
A)  De Souza and Porter
B) Brown and bracey
C) Myedal, Seers and Rostow
D) Taffe, morril and Gould

Answer - Taffe, morril and Gould 

10) Which category of regions does metropolitan region belong to ?
A) Formal region
B) Functional region 
C) Single purpose region
D) Natural region

Answer - Functional region 

11) Which on of the following is a relative measure of dispersion
A) Standard deviation
B) Quartile deviation
C) Coefficient of variation
D) Range

Answer - Coefficient of variation

12) If a map is drawn on RF 1/5500, which one of the following representative fractions will be correct if the map is reduced to half ?
A) 1/2700
B) 1/11000
C) 1/5000
D) 1/33000

Answer - 1/11000

13) Stability prevails when the environmental lapse rate is
A) less than the wet adiabatic lapse rate
B) greater than the wet adiabatic rate and less than the dry adiabatic rate
C) greater than the dry adiabatic rate
D) greater than both the wet and dry adiabatic rates

Answer - greater than both the wet and dry adiabatic rates

14) Which of the following is a major effect of El Nino ?
A) Heavy rains along the western coast of South America
B) Droughts in California
C) Increased tooth decay
D) Global warming of the Earth

Answer - Heavy rains along the western coast of South America

15) The effect of sulphate aerosols in the earth’s atmosphere is to 
A) Cause El nino weather patterns
B) Cool global climates
C) Destroy ozone 
D) Warm global climates

Answer - Cool global climates

16) Which of the following states in india is known for largest net irrigated area in India ?
A) Haryana
B) Punjab
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Maharastra

Answer - Uttar Pradesh 

17) Which among the following is a superimposed drainage system ?
A) Banas
B) Chambal
C) Saraswati
D) Gomti 

Answer -  Chambal 

18) Which is the oldest oil producing state in India ?
A) Gujrat 
B) Maharastra
C) Assam
D) None of these

Answer - Assam

19) A ramp of sand deposited by streams along foothills in the arid land is called
A) Hamada
B) Bajada
C) Desert Wash
D) Pediment

Answer - Pediment 

20) Rating curve is useful for estimation of 
A) River discharge
B) Stream Velocity
C) Dissolved load
D) Hydraulic radius

Answer - River discharge

21) Who is the author of the book Modern Geographical Thought
A) David Harvey
B) R.J.Johnson
C) Brian J.L Berry
D) Richard Peet

Answer - Richard Peet

22)  The Savana biome is usually associated with
A) Tropical wet-dry climate
B) Equatorial wet climate
C) Tropical dry climate
D) Monsoon climate

Answer -  Tropical wet-dry climate 

23) Who was the first geographer to ascertain the length of the equator
A) Eratosthenes
B) Herodotus
C) Anaximander
D) Thales

Answer - Eratosthenes

24) In remote sensing systems which sensors, measures naturally available energy ?
A) Active sensors
B) Passive sensor
C) Synthetic Aperture radar
D) Microwave remote sensing

Answer - Passive sensor 

25) The term used to describe damage done to a public area, such as overfishing and environmental damage to the open seas is known as
A) Tragedy of the commons
B) Overharvesting of the oceans
C) Public plunder
D) Maximum profit

Answer - Tragedy of the commons

26) The vast majority of increase in all grain production worldwide is due to the 
A) increase in yield
B) expansion of farmland 
C) Decrease in animal production
D) increase in world subsistence farming

Answer - increase in yield

27) Mediterranean agriculture is
A) dependent upon large quantities of summer rainfall
B) known for grapes, olives, orange and figs
C) one of the least productive of the agricultural regions
D) only found in southern Europe and Northern Africa

Answer - known for grapes, orange and figs 

28) The chief goal of the green revolution was to 
A) increase harvest from the amount of available farmland
B) make farming less costly
C) increase farm size
D) equalize woman’s role with men in farming

Answer - increase harvest from the amount of available farmland

29) Out- sourcing is 
A) choosing alternate sources of raw materials
B) physically delimiting a company’s market for others
C) producing parts or products abroad for domestic sale
D) selling goods at a cheaper price to close down competitors

Answer - producing parts or products abroad for domestic sale

30) In the hydrological cycle evaporation is proceeded by 
A) Clouds 
B) Precipitation 
C) Heat 
D) Condensation

Answer - Heat 

31) In which stage of the demographic transition theory would you predict that population growth would be highest ?
A) Stage 1
B) Stages 2 & 3
C) Stages 1 & 4
D) Stages 4

Answer -  Stages 2 & 3

32) Which of the following is not a factors affecting the fertility rate of a population
A) average age of marriage
B) The prevalence of breast feeding
C) infant mortality
D) none of the above

Answer - The prevalence of breast feeding 

33) According to Thomas Malthus, celibacy, birth control, delayed marriage and other strategies to limit reproduction are referred to as 
A) reproductive control
B) positive checks
C) fertility control 
D) preventive checks

Answer - preventive checks

34) Which of the following types of soil have marked capacity to retain water ?
A) Desert soil
B) Laterite soil
C) Red soil
D) Regur soil

Answer - Regur soil

35) The temperature at which water vapours condense, is the 
A) Relative humidity
B) Condensation point
C) Dew point
D) Evaporation point

Answer - Dew point

36) A functional region is delineated on the basis of 
A) Administrative boundaries
B) Field of interactions
C) Isolines
D)  Physical division

Answer - Field of interactions

37) The number of persons expressed in terms of unit area of agricultural land is known as
A) Economic Density
B) Physiological density
C) Arithmetical Density
D) Agricultural Density

Answer - Physiological density

38) The polar regions are sparsely populated because 
A) The growing season is short owing to low temperature
B) There are no mineral resources
C) The regions are forested
D) Both (B) & (C)

Answer - The growing season is short owing to low temperature

39) The highest salinity is found in the
A) Baltic Sea
B) Okhotsk Sea
C) Mediterranean Sea
D) Red Sea

Answer - Red Sea

40) Ecosystem has two components which are
A) Animals & plants
B) Trees And weeds
C) Frogs And Men
D) Abiotic And biotic

Answer - Abiotic And biotic

41) Pelagic deposits consist of matter derived from algae and are mostly in the form of liquid mud known as
A) Blue mud
B) Ooze
C) Red mud
D) Coral mud

Answer - Ooze 

42) Which of the following hills forms the North Eastern edge of the Chhotanagpur Plateau
A) Rajmahal Hills
B) Mikir Hills
C)  Parasnath Hills
D) Javadi Hills

Answer - Rajmahal Hills

43) Which of the following is formed as a result of tectonic force ?
A) Hanging valley 
B) V- shaped valley
C) Rift valley
D) Blind valley

Answer - Rift valley

44) Which of the following earthquake waves are the most destructive ?
A) S-waves
B) P-waves
C) R-waves
D) L-waves

Answer - L-waves 

45) Identify fluvio-glacial deposits form the following 
A) Outwash Plain
B) Flood plain
C) Penne plain
D) Pan plain

Answer - Outwash Plain

46) The atmosphere get heated by which one of the following ?
A) Direct rays of the sun
B) Volcanic activity
C) Burning of organic material
D) Radiation from the earth

Answer - Radiation from the earth

47) Winter rainfall in North- Western part of India is mainly due to
A) Western disturbance
B) North- East monsoon
C) North – west monsoon
D) Depression in the Bay of Bengal

Answer - Western disturbance

48) The temperature that provides favorable ecological conditions for living coral reefs is
A) less than 10 ̊ C 
B)  10 ̊ C to 15 ̊ C
C) 15 ̊ C to 20 ̊ C
D)  more than 20 ̊ C

Answer - more than 20 ̊ C 

49) Which one of the following ports has been developed on a logoon ?
A) Cnennai
B) Mumbai
C) Kochi
D) Vishakhapatnam

Answer - Kochi 

50) Several planned cities have been developed in india after independence planned city. Which one of the following is not a post independence planned city? 
A) Gandhinagar
B) Chandigarh
C) Jaipur
D) Bhubaneshwar

Answer - Chandigarh 

51) Solar radiation makes several other energy sources possible, including 
A) Wind Energy
B) Tidal Energy
C) Geothermal Energy
D) Nuclear Energy

Answer - Wind Energy

52) All these processes which tend to bring the surface of the lithosphere to a common level are collectively known as 
A) Gradation
B) Degradation
C) Aggradation
D) Mass wasting

Answer - Gradation

53) All the ecosystems taken together in a geographical area form a bigger unit called
A) Community
B) Territory
C) Biome
D) Biosphere

Answer -  Biome

54) Which of the following occupies Trophic Level I in the food chain?
A) Bacteria
B) Carnivores 
C) Primary consumers 
D) Plants

Answer - Plants 

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